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Poster Guidelines

● Posters dimensions should be no larger than 48” wide x 36” high.
● Poster board will be provided.
● Posters will be displayed on easels.
● Setup and take down time is 15 minutes before and after the session. Further instructions will be given at the conference.
● You will be assigned a designated space for your poster at registration.
● Thumbtacks/pins and tape will be provided.
● Electrical outlets, computers, projection equipment or the like will not be available.
● All graphics should be displayed on the poster.
● Prepare author/title label with lettering at least 1” (2.54 cm or 72 point)
● Prepare an abstract (no more than 300 words) with lettering at least 3/8” (.95cm or 27point) high for the upper left-hand corner of your space.
● Indicate clearly the sections and sequence of your materials. Remember: Keep it simple!
● Bring at least 50 copies of any handouts that you want to distribute.

Don’t forget to add your contact information and bring along some business cards. 

Tips on how to make a great academic poster can be found here: