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2022 Lightning Talk Guidelines


Ligtning Talk Guidelines

After feedback and discussion, our virtual poster sessions were reimagined as Lightning Talks. Presenters are given 10 minutes to provide a quick overview of their project/service/idea and then take questions. It is designed to be just a flash on the topic. A short powerpoint presentation is recommended. We will not have posters presented on site.


Each presenter will receive 10 minutes to give a quick overview of the project/service/idea presented and then take questions. We recommend 5-7 minutes for the presentation. Q&A is included in the 10 minutes so please keep the overview as succinct as possible. There will be 4 lighting talks presented back-to-back in three concurrent sessions so the moderators will begin and end the sessions on time, even if you have not finished.


Each session will have at least one moderator. The moderators will help set-up, get technical assistance if needed, and manage the time and Q&A. Q&A will include our virtual attendees via chat and a moderator will help monitor and field questions.


Each presentation room is set up with a laptop and the slides will be projected into the room AND live-streamed for our virtual audience. The laptops will be PCs, and presenters must use the supplied laptops because presentation files will be preloaded onto the laptops. Wireless microphones will be supplied in each room. Presenters will be required to send their presentation files in advance of the event.

Conference Proceedings

Presentations will be live-streamed and recorded. Your presentation files will be shared publicly on our website. The recordings will be available only to registrants. Archived presentations are usually available in January of the following year. Presenters retain rights to their presentations. Access Services in Libraries, Incorporated retains the rights to the recordings of the live streams and will make them available for a limited time.

Here are a few resources for presenting lighning talks:

Presentation files should be emailed to : [email protected]

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