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2021 Poster Guidelines


This year we are experimenting with a  VIRTUAL POSTER SESSION. 

  • We have 8 posters that will be presented. 
  • 4 posters per room.
  • The poster will be pre-loaded and projected into the room and to all virtual attendees. 
  • Send your poster to
  • Please save your poster as a High Resolution PDF file. 
  • Poster files will be shared on the Virtual Conference Website for preview. 
  • Each poster presenter will receive 10 minutes to give a quick overview of the project/service/idea presented in the poster and then take questions.
  • Q & A is included in the 10 minutes so please keep the overview as succinct as possible.
  • Q&A will include our virtual attendees via chat.  A moderator will be present to help field questions. 

A few tips and things to consider:

This is an electronic poster. Small fonts and tiny photos will be difficult to see.  We will test the aspect ratio for the room but please format your PDF in Landscape. 

This is NOT a formal presentation.  Don’t worry too much about formality.  Just share the image and give some basic rundown of the idea. 

Since we are sharing the posters on the website before the sessions, the attendees should have questions ready to go.   

Don’t forget that this is an experiment and we are just testing the concept.