Program Planning Committee

The Program Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the Organizing Committee; facilitating sessions during the conference including assisting presenters with setup; and assisting volunteers during conference as needed.


  • Stella Richardson (Chair), Georgia Tech Library
  • Chuck Armbrust-Kohler, Georgia State University 
  • Christopher Barb, Virginia Tech 
  • Terri Brown, University of Kentucky 
  • Jennifer DeVito, Stony Brook University 
  • Forrest Foster, Winston-Salem State University 
  • Carmen Gass, Pennsylvania State University Libraries 
  • Amy Lee Heinlen, Duquesne University 
  • Lena Hicks, Pasadena City College 
  • Jalesia Horton, Augusta University  
  • Seti Keshmiripour, University of North Texas Libraries 
  • Tammy Kiter, The New School 
  • Christopher Marcum, University of San Diego 
  • Jessica Martin, Temple University 
  • Lara Nesselroad, University of Oregon 
  • Mary Poland, University of Georgia 
  • Joanne Rumig, Carleton University 
  • David Smith, Emory University 
  • Michael Straatmann, University of Nebraska 
  • Mary Sullivan, Virginia Tech 
  • Jean Thoulag, University of Hawaii at Manoa 
  • Viki Timian, University of Georgia 
  • Whitney Vitale, Oklahoma State University  
  • Jennifer Wesson, George Washington University