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Call for Steering Committee Nominations

Access Services in Libraries, Inc. is now accepting nominations for new Steering Committee members to help organize the annual Access Services Conference. We are looking for dedicated individuals working in Access Services who are looking for national professional development and are excited to give back to the Access Services community. The best candidates will be those who are mid-career and who have the support of their institution to spend time on this committee for no less than a one year commitment.

Access Services in Libraries, Inc. is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to providing education opportunities for individuals working in access services, primarily in academic institutions. We organize an annual event hosted in Atlanta, GA in November. ASiL, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board appoints Steering Committee members to serve as an organizing committee for the annual conference. The Steering Committee is a collaborative effort led by the Director of Operations and Finance. The Steering Committee meets monthly to plan the annual event and serves as representatives for ASiL, Inc. at the annual event by providing guidance to attendees and managing logistical operations. Each Steering Committee member is responsible for a specific committee and communicates, coordinates, and makes decisions on behalf of that committee. Committee members are expected to stay engaged through regular meetings and emails, have the support of their institution, and be able to commit to attending the annual event (registration and hotel costs are covered by ASiL, Inc.).

Please submit a nomination. Self nominations are welcome. Provide a short bio and a statement of what skills and abilities the nominee can bring to the committee.

The Board of Directors and current Steering Committee will review the nominations and make selections based on creating a diverse and collaborative membership. Nominees will be notified of the appointment by January 31.